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    Welcome to the Mott’s “Shop” Page.    Established in 1949 in Los Angeles, California, the Motts MiniaturesTM is located in Orange County just a few minutes drive from Disneyland.  We are a Full-Line Miniatures & Dollhouse Online Shop.   The world's largest online doll house store.   

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   Our store sells thousands of miniature accessories, furniture pieces, plants, foods, animals, dolls, lamps, furniture kits and more.  You will never find a larger selection of miniature furniture and accessories on display anywhere.  We have items from across the country and around the world.  The Mott MiniaturesTM  Inc. is a C.I.M.T.A. supporting member and a N.A.M.E. store member.  Just about everything imaginable in the real world is made in miniature.  We not only have a great selection of manufactured products and furniture, but also a wonderful selection of hand-crafted items.  In addition to thousands of quality and affordable miniatures, you will also find some of the more elite product lines such as Bespaq furniture and china, exclusive building components by Lawbre and Architectural Etcetera, specialty metal kitchen items by K&J Metal Miniatures, porcelain baths and showers by Dragonfly, and much more.

  Dollhouses and Doll House Kits

   At just about any time during the year you can find about 40 built up dollhouses on the shelves in our virtual store.  We usually keep about a hundred kits in stock and sell over 250 models of dollhouses from a dozen manufacturers.  Prices start at around $40 for a basic cottage and go up to around $900 for a Victorian mansion kit.  We sell many models in the $100-$200 range for families and children, and have many models to choose from in the $300-$900 range for the adult collector.  Any house not in stock can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the world.  With the exception of a few models, all the dollhouses we sell are in the 1" scale (1:12).  Over 200 dollhouses can be viewed and ordered right over the InterNet in our new ON-LINE CATALOG. Pre-Assembled dollhouses start at around $150 and go up.

  Building Supplies

   Our online selection of building supplies is hard to beat.  We have two large lumberyards with lumbers from NorthEastern, MidWest, HouseWorks, Classics, Miniature Manors, LaserTech and more.  We have every shape of lumber, trim, molding, wainscot, cornice and more in every size needed.  We have 48 drawers full of hundreds of varieties of wallpaper from 4 manufacturers.  You will find carpet, paint, tools, glues, books, resin components, pre-assembled windows & doors and other building components, shingles, brick, stone and masonry items, landscaping, electric lighting supplies and components and a lot more! You can now see a selection of these items in our On-Line Catalog.

  Hobby Tools and Books

   What online hobby shop would be complete without a full range of hand and power tools to help you get the job done including X-Acto, Pro-Edge, Excel, Zona, and more.  We also have one of the largest selections of books for sale about miniatures and doll houses that you will find anywhere. You can now see a selection of these items in our On-Line Catalog.

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   We sell hundreds of different dollhouse dolls.  They are all 1:12 scale.  We have resin figures for under $10 each beautifully hand painted.   There are also dozens of affordable pose able dolls and doll families that are great for adult collectors or for kids to play with, around $5 each up to $30 for a set.
   We also have lots of porcelain dolls, dolls with real hair, and lots of German dolls. 


  Dollhouse Services

   Mott'sTM has a full service dollhouse assembly department.  All of the kits we sell can be assembled by Mott'sTM staff.  Our most popular service is the Basic Assembly, where we assemble the shell of the house and the customer does the rest.  We can do as little or as much work as your pocket-book will allow.  We can assemble, paint, carpet, wallpaper, stucco, brick, tile, side, shingle, electrify and customize your dollhouse.  Stop in to see pictures of some of our most recent jobs.  Don’t wait until the last minute, rush orders cost extra!  If you want a dollhouse assembled for Christmas, your best bet is to beat the rush that usually starts in October/November.


  Custom Doll House Finishing

       In addition to assembling doll house kits, we also can customize and finish most any house kit.

      Exclusive Miniatures

       Limited quantities of the Handful Of Houses series of miniature houses designed by the late Barbara Mott are available.


       We have a selection of items that are appropriate for people building Birdhouses. Mostly they are some of the ˝" scale items (1:24) that we sell that have applications for use in Birdhouses and some LGB train applications.

  Special Order

   It is impossible for one store to have everything that is made in miniature, in stock at the same time.  We do our best but sometimes we will need to special order something.  This is a service that Motts is uniquely able to handle.  Our computerized ordering system allows us to order and track your request.  When the item comes in we can call you to pick it up or ship it to you.

  Our Store

        Visitors to our shop will find the atmosphere very inviting. Our store has thousands of great dollhouses items and always at every day low prices.  Items are organized by category and there is a Search Page to help you find what you are looking for.  On the top of every page of the web site are menu bars with links to all the information you need about ordering.  On the left side of every page of the online catalog are links to all the shopping categories.   And remember, we have been in the business of making and selling miniatures for more than 60 years.  Our staff will do its best to answer questions about the products you are purchasing and to find products you are looking for.  Mott's website is a self-service store.

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Operating Information

   The Motts MiniaturesTM mail order is open 5 days a week.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and the Discover Card.  We can also accept travelers checques, and personal checks in U.S. Funds from U.S. Banks.   We are closed most major holidays.


**Effective March 31st, 2009 the Mott's Miniatures will be changing our business to a mail-order only company.  We will continue to carry all of our great items, at great prices.  We will also continue our Dollhouse Assembly and Restoration Services.

Orders may be placed online at or via postal mail, fax or if needed via phone. 



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