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New Concept Doll Houses
by Real Good Toys


 New Concept dollhouses   are made from 3/8" cabinet grade plywood or MDF.  From  $200.00   Save up to 25%

Harborside Mansion Dollhouse Kit
1000 Series American Saltbox Style.  5 models pictured.  From  $213
1700 Series American Farmhouse Style.  7 models pictured.   From  $327
3200 Series Doll Houses American Victorian, Second Empire.  6 Models pictured.  The most popular series from RGT.  From  $407
Americana Collection   Dutch Colonial, Vermont Farmhouse.  From  $350  
Greek Revival   Two models.  Southern Greek Revival.  From  $378
Front Opening Farmhouse & Colonial 3 models are pictured.  Farmhouse and Colonial are featured.  From  $293
Front Opening Federals 3 models are pictured.  Federal.  From  $377
Front Opening Victorian 2 models are pictured.   Victorian all featured. These two special models are available in standard rear-open also.  From  $514
The New Concept dollhouses are just that, a new way of thinking when it comes to dollhouses.  These are the doll houses that others try to copy and to which most doll houses are compared to.  All of the New Concept doll houses are made exclusively from 3/8" cabinet grade plywood or 3/8" MDF, with 1/4" roof pieces.  All come with pre-milled clapboard siding, pre-assembled working pre-hung doors and pre-assembled non-working miniature windows.

   All trim pieces have been cut-to-fit and miter cuts have all been made.  No sanding or cutting, just paint, stain and glue.  They all come with 9˝" ceiling height on 1st and 2nd floors, pre-assembled stairs, stair rails, porch rails, porch spindles and porch posts, corner trims and more.  Shingles ARE included with all New Concept houses.  Floor plans are adjustable, you can make rooms larger or smaller, or add or delete rooms, it is up to you.  
     Kits go together easily because outer walls have been grooved for inner floors.  Room additions are available and porches can be changed.  One of the most popular features for the New Concept houses has been their Gazebo Porch. Porches, dormers and wing additions can all be mixed and matched.  They all fit with one another!  Houses start at $240 and go up over $800, though the average is $300 to $400.  Porches and wing additions are about $100 to $120.  Rear open means that they are open on one side, the back.


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