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    Welcome, to the Mott's Miniatures Museum & Dollhouse ShopTM  "Virtual Museum Page" on the WWW!  Here you will find lots of information about the world famous Mott's MiniaturesTM.  There are even links to pictures of our miniature museum.  Unfortunately, ever since we were kicked out of Knott's Berry Farm in 1992 we tried but we unable to re-open our museum to the public.   People came to see it by the bus load but were unwilling to pay admission.  We don't understand why so many expected us to be open free when every other privately owned museum in the world has an admission.   The museum closed for the last time in April of 1997 and we sold the exhibits at auction in May of 1998.  Because we were unable to find one museum to take the entire collection, the individual exhibits were sol to museums, galleries and private collectors from around the world.

     The Motts Miniatures Museum TM consists of dozens of miniature exhibits from the Mott Family Collection TM.  There are two main series of exhibits, the History of American Living and the History of the American Merchant.  The American Living series contains 6 American period homes from the earliest Pilgrim Cabin right up to a modern home with a working miniature television.  Three of the homes in this series are exact replicas of homes once owned by the Mott Family including a Civil War era home, circa 1865, a Victorian era home, circa 1900, and the Des Moines bungalow where Allegra & DeWitt Mott raised their three children, circa 1932.  In the American Merchant series you can trace the progress of free enterprise in America from the first Indian Traders right up to a modern Supermarket.

     Also contained in the museum are storybook exhibits, flights of fancy, and trips down memory lane.  There are also two displays of miniatures so small, that they must be viewed under magnifying glasses.  Some are even featured in the Guinness Book of Records!  Here you will find dressed fleas, hand painted portraits of U.S. Presidents on the heads of pins, hand carved ivory elephants in a bean shell, carvings in rice, the worlds smallest folding pocket knife, the smallest working tools, smallest working musical instruments, and much more!  "You Have To See It To Believe It"

 Museum Story    Operating Information. Online Retail Store is still Open Free Daily.

 Museum Story     The story of the world famous Motts Miniatures Museum TM.  

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 Pictures of the Motts Miniatures Museum

coleen moore      A complete list of pictures can be found here.       fairy castle

museum of miniatures     Mott's 1932 Home.  See pictures and read about the Mott's replica of their 1932 home in Des Moines Iowa.

doll and toy museum     Mott's 1865 Home.  See pictures and read about the Mott's replica of their Civil War Period home in Des Moines Iowa.

angel's attic      More pictures of the Mott's Miniatures MuseumTM.

dollhouse museum     To purchase a souvenir book or any other merchandise from the Motts Miniatures MuseumTM, go to our Mail Order Page.



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