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Assembled Doll Houses and Doll house Kits
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We offer over Two Hundred doll house kits from miniature doll house manufacturers such as Real Good Toys, Corona Concepts, Celerity, Greenleaf, Sid Cooke,, Simplicity, New Concept, Olde English Doll house, Fantasy Craft, and more. Select from any of the style including Victorian, Georgian, Tudor and Modern on unbelievable bargaining prices.   
Doll house Scale Furniture
Hundreds of individual pieces and dozens of money saving doll house furniture sets to design and set in your doll house. Get them in selected categories according to the design, architecture, and color pattern of dollhouse.  Doll House Miniature Furniture
Dolls House Porcelain Miniatures Doll house Miniature Porcelains

Hundreds to choose from........many Reutter Porcelain from Germany.
Doll House Dolls - father, mother and sister, dolls collectable Doll Houses Dolls 
      Poseable miniature dolls and sets. Also resin dollhouse figures, and porcelain. Select the best of dolls to gift on special occasions to loved ones. View and choose your choice of Barbie and Teddy from our shelf.  
Dolls, brother

Also resin miniature dollhouse figures, and porcelain German doll house dolls
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Bespaq Fine Miniatures

 Beautifully made dollhouse miniature furniture.  Inspired by history, designed by Bespaq.
Doll House Miniatures by Bespaq Museum Quality Miniatures

Doll Houses 

We have over 100 models of assembled doll houses from House That Jack Built, Lawbre Doll house, Real Good Toys and more.  Including miniature doll houses that are finished inside and out.  We can also provide custom doll house assembly of any doll houses kit on our miniature doll houses site to your custom choices.

miniature dollhouse kits and doll houses, assembled doll houses

Miniature Doll house Wallpaper:

We sell doll house wallpapers from Mini Graphics, What's Next and Brodnax Prints.  We have a wide selection of traditional doll house miniature wallpaper as well as pre-pasted doll house wallpaper, and borders. If you need help installing your miniature doll house wallpaper, just check our Building Tips page.

Doll house Miniature Lumber and Trim:

We have a large doll house lumberyard with hundreds of dimensional pieces, baseboard, trim, molding, cornice, banister rails, siding, decking, wainscot and more.

Doll house Roof Materials:

Our miniature doll house roofing consists of traditional cedar shingles in various styles, real as asphalt shingles, and PVC 3-D formed roof sheets for those who want to get their roof done in a hurry.


Doll house Miniature Electrical Lights and Lighting:

We carry miniature doll house Electrical kits from CirKit as well as their complete line of interior and exterior miniature lighting. We also carry instructional books and videos that will assist you in the installation of the electrical system of your house kit. There are hundreds of different Doll house miniature Lights available to choose from for your Doll house. From Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Dining room, to Game room. We offer various styles and price ranges to fit all of our doll house kits.

Miniature Doll house Flooring:

We have a large selection of doll house miniature rugs, carpets, vinyl floors, simulated tile floors, and wood flooring that are easy to install and look great.


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