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Ordering Instructions and Shipping Information 


Payments & Money OrdersShipping Rates |
  Duty | Currency ConversionInsurance and Tracking | APO/FPO, Military/Embasies

International Postal Mail   Effective May 2008 we now offer US Postal Priority or Global Express Mail shipping on International and Canadian Deliveries on orders placed via the internet.  MOST items can be shipped via postal mail.  While less expensive than UPS or FedEx, there is no insurance available on these shipments.

U.S. Post Office

  Our web site now offers Language Support.  This means that many of our international customers can now get much of the web site to appear in their language.  

   Click to change the web site back to English.



Shipping & Handling Charges and Information    Shipments to addresses outside the United States and its Territories are shipped via  United Parcel Service Air, or FedEx,  unless otherwise specified in writing and signed by the customer.  The only way you can receive International U.S. Mail deliveries is to print your order, sign it and send it via postal mail and to pay with a money order in U.S. funds. UPS Air service Time in Transit is a week or less to most destinations.. Please note that the U.S. Postal Services officially states that overseas shipments can take 1-3 months when shipped surface mail and there is no tracking. UPS International and Airborne Express take less than a week depending on destination, from the time we send your package out. Please note that there is no tracking on packages shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post and that ALL shipments are F.O.B. Motts Miniatures.  Mott’s is NOT responsible for delivery delays caused by Customs.

     We are sorry, but due to fraud, we no longer accept internet or telephone orders from Indonesia, Nigeria, North Korea or Russia.  Customers in those countries MUST print their order form and mail it to us with a money order payment.

  Orders can not be cancelled, refused or returned because of shipping charges.

Please do not ask us for shipping cost estimated, please contact your carrier with that request.

On international shipments sent via United Parcel Service, a small handling charge will be billed by Mott's, the remainder of all the air shipping costs will be billed directly to the customer by UPS.  The only way we can send FedEx shipments is if the customer has their own FedEx account.

Shipments to Canada      We will ship by U.P.S. Ground Standard for all shipments to Canada served by U.P.S. Ground, unless otherwise specified by the customer.   Mott’s is NOT responsible for delivery delays caused by Customs.  Effective May 2008, Mott's can ship via US Postal Mail to Canada, minimum charge is $10.00.
Duty & Customs

    On each foreign order Mott’s will place a customs form. The actual invoice will be mailed separately to the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to claim a value to their own customs service and pay any associated duty. Mott’s is not responsible for taxes, duties, or brokerage fees on customers orders.   Customers are responsible for all duties, taxes and brokerage fees on all orders.   Mott’s is NOT responsible for delivery delays caused by Customs. 
      Orders can not be cancelled, refused or returned because of customs duties, taxes or brokerage fees.  By placing an order with the Mott’s Miniatures, all international customers state that they are aware of the customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees for all packages shipped to their country.

Insurance     All shipments sent Via U.P.S., Fed Ex, Airborne Express/DHL, or other private carrier are automatically insured.  If anything ever happens to a package shipped via U.P.S. or FedEx, the claim is usually handled within a few days and replacement items can be shipped out within a week.  Also, items which are shipped via U.S. Express Mail are automatically insured and loss or damage claims are usually processed very quickly.  

    Orders shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post are NOT automatically insured. Insurance is purchased by Mott’s on behalf of its customers and charged as part of your shipping fee. If anything should happen to a parcel carried by the U.S. Post Office, a loss or damage claim can take up to 8-11 months to investigate and be paid.  Replacement items can not be shipped until the Post Office completes its investigation and pays on the claim. All shipments are FOB Mott’s Miniatures, which means the package becomes the property of the receiver when Mott’s turns the package over to the carrier.  This is why we strongly urge customers to use private parcel carriers who automatically insure and track all packages.

Tracking   Packages shipped via U.P.S., or Fed Ex, or Airborne Express are issued tracking numbers. Mott’s has on-line package tracking abilities and can usually locate a package in transit within a few minutes. If you provide us with your correct email address on your order, you can receive a free email from UPS with your tracking number on all shipments which originate from Mott’s facility in Anaheim and are shipped via U.P.S. 

    Click here for information about Payment Options.

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Currency Conversion   If you are ordering from outside the U.S. and want to find out how much our items are in your own currency, then go to the Universal Currency Converter. This service is not on our web site so be sure you can find your way back to us.  By placing an order customers state that they are aware of the conversion of their currency to U.S. Dollars.  All prices on our web site are in U.S. Dollars.
APO, FPO, Overseas U.S. Military Bases, and U.S. Embasies   Shipments to these addresses can be made via U.S. Priority Mail.   These packages must be treated as international shipments and we must affix a customs declaration to them.  Military regulations forbid the use of tracking numbers on all APO/FPO shipments.  Please see the U.S. Mail Shipping Rates.
Restricted Countries   Due to Increasing internet fraud in specific countries, Mott's reserves the right to require customers in selected countries to submit their order via postal mail and to pay with an international cashier's check in United States funds.  Mott's reserves the right to add countries to this list without any prior notice.

   Restricted Countries include but are not limited to:

North Korea

Orders Shipped to Canada via UPS Ground

(Add $3.00 for phone orders.  For US Mail to Canada, there is a minimum $10 charge).

Up to $50.00  add  $14.00
$50.01  to  $100.00  $13.00
$100.01  to  $150.00  $12.00
$150.01  to  $200.00  $11.00
$200.01  to  $250.00  $10.00
$250.01  to  $300.00  $9.00
$300.01 and over    $5.00

International Shipments via Private Carrier
(UPS, FedEx, Airborne)

redsq.gif (59 bytes) The exact amount of the freight plus a small handling charge charge billed to Mott’s will be charged to your credit card, $25.00 minimum.  The average package of general merchandise under 5lbs is usually $25 to $35.00. 
redsq.gif (59 bytes)  Small dollhouse kits weighing under 10lbs average around $50.
redsq.gif (59 bytes)  Large dollhouse kits weighing 55lbs average around $225.

International Shipments via Postal Mail   The exact amount of the freight charge billed to Mott’s plus a $15.00 service charge will be charged to your credit card.

Federal Express      United Parcel Service     U.S. Post Office 


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