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Doll House plans- Design your doll house the way you like it  

Doll house Plans to make your hard job of assembling doll house kits easy, you can get only at We offer the doll house plans with each set of doll house kit on demand by our customers. is your only shop that provides doll houses, doll house kit, doll house accessories, plans miniatures, etc to give an aesthetic look to your doll house museums.

It is not an easy task to make a doll house from a doll house plans. However, cutting all the pieces your self and putting it together take a lot of toil. And if you are new in art of doll house, never try to do it on your own. Try to work in company of some experience person and your doll house plans.
If you have some experience of carpentry than building a dolls house from a plan can be a real pleasure. There are many doll house plan available for children's houses and collectors at our online shop. OR you can actually find a good selection of plans in a hobby shop then in our specialist dolls house shop or catalogue.

However, whether you are making the doll house from our doll house kits or simple remember the type of wood and thickness you use could alter the measurements of your dolls house and you may need to take this into account when following the plan. For example MDF is much thicker than plywood and you would need to allow for the difference in thickness when measuring.

The choice for windows and doors is quite cumber some question in a dollhouse plans. Making your own windows and doors to fit your dolls house can be a very tricky business and it is best to purchase them ready mad. And above all, making a doll house from a plan is cheaper but cost of tools is expensive one.

If you have your heart set on building your dolls house from a plan take a look at our dollhouse plan section for help with building your doll house. There is also a really good web site that you may want to look at it has lot's more information on building doll houses.

We have also selected some dollhouse plans below for you to have a look at. These plans are very inexpensive and a good choice for getting started.

At our online shop Dollhouse plan #6 (MNL1006) on special order is available to you. In that you will get complete information and guidance for completion of siding, trim, shingles, porch, brickwork and construction of a one inch scale house. These Dollhouse plans call for the use of ready-made components such as windows and doors, stairs, rails, etc.

The Tidewater colonial dollhouse plan on special order in architecture of four large room s with a fireplace in each room, plus foyer and stairway. It is in finished size in measurement of 16"D x 32"W in two stories with full rear open.

Now you are ready to make a very beautiful doll house with help of dollhouse plans purchased form our online shop.

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