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Dollhouse Ė Get any whether it be Victorian, vintage or modern at mottsminis 

To select a dollhouse for children is very imperative from the view of child psychology and taste. mottsminis offers you a very big range of dollhouse specifically designed for the children.  

Every parent wants his child to be safe and that the toy won't break or harm your child in any way and also that it is suitable for their age group and that they are going to be able to have hours of fun with it. We offer many options to select best suited doll house of your kidís age.

There are many points to be kept in your mind, when choosing the doll house for children, it is the material made, the price of doll house and the structure of the dollhouse.

Starting with material, it is the most crucial area while selecting doll house for children. The material of the house decides the safety of your child from the doll house and the age of doll house. There are two main woods that doll houses are made from Plywood and MDF. Plywood is the cheaper of the two so if you are on a budget you will probably find a plywood house less expensive but MDF houses are by far much safer and more suitable for children.

Plywood is a thinner wood and can splinter where MDF is very strong and is man made from saw dust so there is no way it will splinter. If you have a plywood doll house, you will often find the edges rough, the wood is also not as strong so will not stand up to as much play as an MDF house. A plywood house may be cheaper but it will not last as long with a child playing with it.

The next step for children doll house is the construction method. It is up to you whether you select glue or screw to fix-up your doll house. Both have its advantages and disadvantages.

If the dolls house is put together with just glue this will give the house a nice finish as you won't be able to see any unsightly screws but it will not be as strong as a house held together with screws.

Screws & Glue: If a house is put together with screws and glue or just screws you have the advantage of added stability and the house will probably stand up to more play but you will also be able to see lots of unsightly screw heads. Having a house with screws all down the sides can really spoil the finished look and also if they are not fitted properly your child could catch themselves on these.

As with all items you get what you pay for. Watch out for doll houses that look like a bargain, they are usually very low quality and you may end up with a house that doesn't fit together properly and breaks easily.

Look at the structure of the house. With dollhouse for children you want something that doesn't have any small add on parts that could break off. You need to check that doors and windows look secure and that they have strong hinges, thick wooden or plastic doors are the best for child doll houses.

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