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Custom Doll House Assembly  

Here are some samples of houses we have worked on.  As you can see, we can assemble and finish any dollhouse to your taste.  Click here for labor rates.

  Real Good Toys 1700 Series

  Real Good Toys 3200 Series

    The Peaches & Cream by Walmer.  Shown here with roof shingles, and upgraded windows, doors, posts and rails. Peaches and Cream Dollhouse  
   The Danville dollhouse by Real Good Toys, New Concept Series.   Pretty much the basic kit but we dyed the roof shingles and added a faux stone to the foundation. Danville Dollhouse by Real Good Toys  
  The Plum Pudding house by Walmer.  We have upgraded the windows and added cedar shingles to the roof.  At right you can see how getting creative with the paint scheme can really change the spirit of the house. Plum Pudding Dollhouse by Lilliput  special72_small.jpg (7740 bytes)
   The Rosedawn Plantation by Lawbre.  The interior photo at right was taken while we were still in progress on the house. The Rosedawn Plantation by Lawbre special21b.jpg (21047 bytes)
  The Lady Ashley by House That Jack Built.  These houses come as assembled shells, we did all the interior and exterior finishing. Lady Ashley Dollhouse special22b.jpg (32494 bytes)
  This is a specially modified Northview by Real Good Toys New Concept Series.  It is done is a beautiful mossy green with blue-gray dyed shingles. Northview Dollhouse by Real Good Toys
  The San Franciscan by Duracraft.  This is the basic kit assembled and painted. Duracraft Dollhouses special30b.jpg (27844 bytes)
  The Strawberry Patch by Walmer.  This is the basic kit assembled and painted. Lilliput Strawberry Patch Dollhouse
  The Bellingham Farmhouse by Duracraft.  This is the basic kit assembled and painted. Bellingham Farmhouse Dollhouse
  The Cherrydale by Walmer.  We assembled the basic kit and added cedar shingles to the roof and upgraded the front door and porch posts..  On the inside we wallpapered and painted but stained the floor to save money over installing hardwood floors. Cherrydale Dollhouse by Lilliput special74b.jpg (49476 bytes)
  Here is the Cherrydale again painted a little different. special08_small.jpg (3503 bytes)
  The Simplicity Gazebo Mansion by Real Good Toys.  We finished the basic kit on the outside.  On the inside we installed doors, fireplaces, hardwood floor, wallpaper, carpeting, trim and an electrical system and electric lights. Real Good Toys Dollhouses sold01b.jpg (61226 bytes)
  We can even work on the budget brands of houses like Greenleaf and Corona Concepts. The Beacon Hill Dollhouse by Greenleaf

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