National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts      

"Only Through Sharing Can We Really Enjoy Our Treasures".....Allegra Mitchell Mott


   NAME is an organization devoted to miniatures & dollhouses.  It is a non-profit organization founded by Allegra Mott of the Mott's Miniatures MuseumTM in 1972.   Since then it has grown into an International organization with clubs and chapters in many countries.  Included with your membership you will receive 4 free issues per year of the N.A.M.E. Gazette, the magazine of the organization.

Miniature Gazette

   This is a quarterly publication of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.  In it you will find stories and pictures of miniature shows and members personal collections, information on shows and clubs in your area, and names and addresses of member stores.  There is also information on the local clubs, work projects and helpful advice from other members.  This alone is worth the price of membership.


   A "Houseparty" is the term used to describe the National Conventions held every year by NAME in the United States.   At a Houseparty you will find miniature exhibits, sales, workshops, gifts, entertainment and lots of fun.  There are also Regional Houseparties and "State Days" held at various times in different areas.  A full listing of these events are available in each issue of the Miniature Gazette.

About NAME

   The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts was founded by Allegra Mott in 1972.  The first president of NAME was Barbara Mott, also of the Mott's MiniaturesTM.  NAME is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the hobby of miniatures & dollhouses.  It is made up of both individual members and clubs.  Except for a small professional staff, N.A.M.E. operates entirely on volunteers.

   If you would like to join NAME or would like more information, write to:  NAME, P.O. Box 69, 130 N. Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032.  (317) 571-8094.  Or stop by your local supporting miniature shop for an application.

Barbara Mott

Barbara Hunt Mott,  1927-1994

Co-Founder of NAME

First NAME President,  1971-1973

Allegra Irene Mitchell Mott,  1903-1972

Founder of NAME

dewitt.jpg (12644 bytes)

DeWitt Basquin Mott,  1901-1989

   This page was provided Free of charge by the Mott's Miniatures MuseumTM.  The Mott MiniaturesTM is not associated with the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.  The NAME logo was created and drawn by Barbara Mott.

NEW!  In the winter of 1996, NAME launched their official web site. Go to the NAME Official web site.

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