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Introduction to Dollhouse Electrical    

A free brochure provided by the Mott's MiniaturesTM On-Line Service and Cir-Kit Concepts.  


An Introduction to Doll House Electrical Wiring  

The Cir-Kit "concept" of electrical wiring was first developed in 1976 and is now the predominant world-wide method of dollhouse wiring and electrification. A great measure of its success can be attributed to the ease of installation and professional appearance when finished. The Cir-Kit method allows anyone, even those without electrical knowledge, to successfully construct a completely hidden and "to scale" dollhouse lighting system.

dollhouse miniature lights

     The heart of the Cir-Kit Concepts' electrical system is the flat, pressure-sensitive and adhesively-backed conductive tape used for wiring. It eliminates entirely the need for round wire and may be installed in a fraction the time of a conventional system.. A super strong adhesive applied across the entire width of the tape ensures a positive grip on any wood surface. The thinness of the tape allows easy masking with one or two coats of paint and produces a completely hidden installation when covered with wallpaper.

     In a departure from conventional wiring techniques the adhesive-tape approach as employed by Cir-Kit Concepts requires absolutely no electrical soldering. Corners are created either by cutting and using tiny brass brads for electrical connection at the overlap points or by corner folding. Whichever procedure is used, only commonly available hand tools are required for installation.

     The Cir-Kit Concepts' electrical system may be installed in a pleasing and unobtrusive manner in nearly any type dollhouse or miniature room. It can be applied either on an inside or outside wall, between walls on new construction, or in a combination of configurations to suit a particular design. The system represents perhaps one of the most flexible means of circuit wiring to be found anywhere. Its limitations are restricted only by the imagination of the user. 


The Cir-Kit Concepts' Electrical System

The adjacent diagram depicts the manner in which the various Cir-Kit Concepts' parts are interconnected to form a working dollhouse electrical system.

When the Cir-Kit Concepts' dollhouse transformer is plugged into an operating 115 vac outlet, 12 volts is provided at its output and coupled to the dollhouse via the transformer lead-in wire. The junction splice is normally pounded into the first tape run on the dollhouse. The two nails protruding from the bottom make electrical contact with the copper foils and mechanically hold the splice in place. When the lead-in wire is plugged into the junction splice, 12 volts is coupled through the splice and into the first tape run. As subsequent tape runs are added and electrically connected, either with 1/8" brass brads or by folded corners, 12 volts passes automatically from one tape run to the next. (The pilot hole punch is used for making the necessary brad starter holes at each corner.) After all tape runs are in place, outlets and lighting fixtures may be installed to form a complete dollhouse lighting system.

Electrical Drawing String for Doll Houses

If you are ready to wire, click here.

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