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Safe Shopping and Privacy Statement   



Using your credit card at is completely safe.   
When you use your credit card to shop at Mott’s, please rest assured that the transaction is secure. Our servers use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an advanced encryption technology that works with Netscape Navigator (versions 2.0 and above), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 3.0 and above), and America On Line (AOL 3.0 and above). This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy.

This page is here to help ensure our customers that when browsing our web site and placing an order from Mott’s that you and your family are safe.  While you are browsing our site you can feel safe knowing that we do not use any type of system to collect your personal information without your consent.  The only way we get your personal information is when you fill in a form and send it to us.

  When you send an order to Mott’s over the internet using our Secure Order Form, you can be assured that your personal and financial information will remain secure. 


   This Shop Smart decal indicates that our security measures and business practices have been reviewed by MasterCard.

American Express Fraud Protection Guarantee

   American Express card members get the Amex Fraud Protection Guarantee.


   Mott’s is a Store Member of the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.

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   This emblem indicates that Mott’s has registered our web site with ICRA and we have pledged not to put any material on our web site that could be offensive or harmful to children.


   Finally you have the personal guarantee of the Mott family, and Mott's Miniatures Inc. that your personal and financial information remains safe.  At NO time do we ever sell, rent or otherwise distribute any of our customer information, mailing lists or other confidential material.  Copies of orders remain in our secured servers.  Paper copies of orders are kept in filing cabinets in our locked office and when no longer needed will be shredded prior to being recycled.

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