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Fisher Price Dollhouse - Select from the wonderful range on most reasonable prices at mottsminis     

Fisher Price Dollhouse engages preschoolers in pretend play in an interactive environment at low prices. Choose from a variety of furniture for your child's Fisher Price dollhouse. Even children who do not have the Fisher Price dollhouse will enjoy playing with the people and furniture.

Fisher Price Dollhouse engages preschoolers in pretend play in an interactive environment. Children use the mouse to explore and rearrange six rooms, solve problems and act out fantasies. Magical sprites and hidden mouse holes add to the fun.

When children enter the Fisher Price dollhouse, they are welcomed by three characters: Mrs. Baggs, Cowboy Bob, and an unnamed little girl, who can be anyone your child wants her to be. Children are also greeted with music, sounds, animations and voices inviting them to play. They can then choose any of six rooms to explore by simply clicking the mouse.

In each room of Fisher Price dollhouse, a child can click on objects, some of which have special sounds or animations attached to them. Many objects can be moved, so that a child can put clothes on a dress form, put away groceries in the kitchen, or set up a tea party in the playroom. There is a container in each room full of toys of Fisher Price dollhouse and fun things the child can place in the room. The child can also select playmates by clicking on special buttons in the room.

One special feature of Fisher Price Dollhouse you won't find in a real dollhouse is the ability to magically redecorate with Sprites. Three fairies -- Sparkle, Flora, and Turnabout -- can move about the room (controlled by the child with the mouse). Twinkling lights and music show which objects the Sprites can change. Flora might change the bedroom rug and bedspread into a lush garden. Children find it fun to discover which things the Sprites can change and how they are transformed.

Something else you won't find in an ordinary dollhouse is the secret mouse world. Mice leave a clue in each room of Fisher Price dollhouse, describing where their mouse hole is. By clicking on a piece of cheese, the child will hear the clue. She may need to move some objects in order to find the mice's secret place. Once inside the mouse hole, there is another room to explore. There is an ice cream factory in the kitchen's mouse hole, a mouse wedding in the playroom's mouse hole.

Also in each room of Fisher Price dollhouse is a telephone. Clicking on it will cause it to ring. Then Mrs. Baggs, Cowboy Bob, or the little girl will appear with an idea for an activity, such as "Help Sparkle change the living room into a playground," or "Hey, I know! Let's have a tea party for the dolls."

The graphics, animation, music and other sounds are, for the most part, very pleasing (although Mrs. Baggs' voice irritated this reviewer after a while). Most of the time, the program worked smoothly. Occasionally, the sound and animation seemed to get out of synch. For example, the phone would ring and a character's face would flash briefly on the screen, but no words would be spoken. Sometimes the cursor would disappear during an animation (as it is supposed to) but would not reappear. Getting completely out of the program and Windows and restarting usually solved the problem.

In this range, you will get dollhouses to decorate in your museum in different styles from Colonial, Victorian, American Farm house, Fantasy and more. Concept series dollhouses that has more than 27 models of dolls houses built in 3/8” plywood and are pre-finished. They have multiple floor plans, room additions, dormers, wrap-around gazebo or straight porches, and much more.

You will get artistically carved dollhouses in Colonial, Log Cabin, Playhouse, Victorian Cottage and Barbie scale dollhouse Kit Quick Build Pre- Finished dolls house kits by real good toys. For further information, either you can ask for online catalogue or can send us e-mail for doll houses.

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