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Free dollhouse catalog  “ON-LINE” MAIL ORDER CATALOG  

  New items are being added all the time to the ON-LINE CATALOG.   As of 2012 there are over 7,000 items available..  Ordering online is now even easier with our new Shopping Basket.  Just click on the shopping buttons next to or below the item you want to purchase and that item is automatically added to your shopping basket.   Complete with Secure Order Forms.


  The 670+ page “From Our House For Your House” miniatures & dollhouse catalog is presently available on CD. This "huge" catalog has everything you could want or dream about in miniature.  There are tens of thousands of items available in this book, over 75% of it in FULL COLOR.  In this catalog you will find:

  This catalog can be shipped via US Postal Mail anywhere in the world.

     All International customers outside the U.S. or Canada need to read important shipping information. We automatically use US Postal Service on most international shipments.  Dollhouses and dollhouse kits will be sent via UPS International Air.

 I already have this catalog..... free dollhouse catalog

  If you already have a copy of the "From Our House For Your House" miniatures catalog, or if you have a similar miniature catalog from another company you can use it to order direct from the Mott MiniaturesTM, Inc..  Simply print out an order form here.  Just fill it in and use it for a mail, fax, or phone in order. Or you can obtain some COUPONS right here on our web site and use them with your order.

 Bespaq Museum Quality Dollhouse Miniatures Catalog bespaq

This 16 page full-color catalog contains hundreds of museum quality miniatures from Bespaq. It costs $12.00 plus postage. Add $3.25 postage for all U.S. for a total of $9.25, or add $5.00 for postage to all other destinations for a total of $11.00. All payments must be in U.S. funds.

lawbre Lawbre Museum Quality House and Components Catalog Set 

A catalog containing all of the famous Lawbre houses in full color, plus an additional catalog containing Lawbre Garden and Building Components PLUS the Architectural Etcetera Building Components Catalog. $20.00

real good toys Real Good Toys “Pick Your Dream House” Color Catalog 

A 32 page color catalog containing ALL of the houses from the Real Good Toys Company and all of their brands including: New Concept, Houseworks, Batrie, Simplicity, Junior, Children's Choice and more. Our web site has more Real Good Toys houses on it than are in this catalog. You do not need this catalog if you purchase the Complete Jumbo Catalog.


real good toys Reutter Porzellan Full Color Catalog 

The current version of this catalog is actually a set of catalogs which include all the currently available porcelain items and other miniatures from Reutter Porzellan, Germany.  Tea sets, dinnerware, accessories, vases, and more.  Plus beautiful wood and metal furniture.


real good toys FREE Color Catalogs 

Starting in 2008 we added several 100% FREE Full Color Dollhouse and Miniature Catalogs to our web site.  These are PDF files that you can download to your computer.  Just order them for free online and follow the instructions given to download these Free PDF Catalogs..


 Toll Free Ordering  

Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card to place your TOLL FREE ORDER at 1-(800)-874-6222.  For ALL product questions and other Sales Service please call (562) 287-4744 Sales Inquiries Only.  Sales Service opens at 10am Pacific Time.  Or you can email the Sales Department 24 hours.  Customer Service is available via email only.

 InterNet Ordering 

  If you want to place your orders directly over the InterNet.

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