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Water Effects 8 oz.
Product Code: WDSC1212

Water Effects 8 oz.


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Water Effects 8 oz. Use to model fast-moving waters, such as rapids, churning water, and miniature waterfalls. Instructions: Mold the Water Effects in desired shape and let it dry at least 24 hours. It dries clear and is flexible and non-toxic. It can be used on top of dried Realistic Water to add miniature water movement.


NOTE: Read instructions thoroughly before starting.

Use these products on an existing layout. If you do not have an existing layout, use cardboard or a flat surface and proceed to step 2.

Realistic Water will make a river approximately 2 1/2” wide x 9” long x 1/8” deep. Water Effects will create a waterfall approximately 1

1/4” wide x 5” long x 3/32” thickness. Water Effects coverage will vary depending on the thickness of your waterfall.

1. Trace and cut outline of the river/waterfall area and remove (Fig. 1).

2. Wad newspapers to form contours. Use dampened paper towels to build up banks (Fig. 2) and let it dry completely before applying

Plaster Cloth.

3. Cut Plaster Cloth into 3" strips and dip into water (Fig. 3). Cover entire area, applying Plaster Cloth bumpy side up (Fig. 4). Smooth

Plaster Cloth with fingers until holes are filled. Allow to dry.

4. Mix each of the Earth Colors Liquid Pigments with one tablespoon of water in three separate cups. Apply colors in water area, darker

colors simulating deep areas and lighter colors shallow areas (Fig. 5). Allow to dry.

5. Mix Scenic Glue with water, 50/50; save part of mixture to adhere Talus. Brush Scenic Glue mixture over river bank (Fig. 6). Blend

Green Grass into existing landscaping, on top of Scenic Glue mixture, along river bank and blow off excess (Fig. 7).

6. Brush Scenic Glue mixture in areas where Talus will be placed (Fig. 8). Sprinkle Talus onto these areas and apply remainder of Scenic

Glue mixture over Talus with an eyedropper. Dry thoroughly.

7. Apply masking tape, tightly, against the edge of the layout to prevent runoff. Pour Realistic Water slowly on upper and lower levels

(Fig. 8). Keep it 1/4" away from edge of waterfall when pouring upper level. Dry 24 hours.

8. To make waterfall, apply enough Water Effects to a non-stick surface using a craft stick. Save a small amount of Water Effects to

adhere waterfall. Water Effects should be the width and 1/2" longer than the height of the waterfall area. Texture waterfall and feather

ends with toothpick (Fig. 9). Dry for 24 hours. Peel up and press to waterfall, using Water Effects as an adhesive on the back of

waterfall (Fig. 10). Apply Water Effects at the top and bottom of waterfall and sculpt water with toothpick to make splashes and rapids.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Anleitungen, Fluss/Wasserfall.

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