Paris Walnut Hardwood Floor Kit --Special Order


- 1" SCALE REAL HARDWOOD PARQUET KIT SIZE: 12 - 2" SQUARES, 48 SQ. IN. TOTAL Parquet kits provide a fitting finish to your beautiful walls and floors. Patterns are based on 17th century French floor designs and are available in various hardwoods (real hardwood, not printed paper). Cherry and walnut floors look rich with just a natural finish. If you want to stain custom colors, choose the maple tiles. Maple is a light wood which accepts stains beautifully, but with none of the fuzz or blotchiness of basswood. The maple tiles also work well in more contemporary settings when left their light natural color. Precision cutting methods and unique sub-assemblies, make these kits easier to build. Use wood glue, contact cement or double-stick adhesive to apply.