6-Arm Frosted Tulip Shade Chandelier - Half Scale


Half Scale.

Height: 3/4" Width: 1 1/8" Bulb: CK1010-12 * Includes free CK804-4 Chandelier Adapter

To ease installation, each chandelier and wall sconce comes with a "to scale" adaptor that can be used to make the fixture a true plug-in. (Instructions are included illustrating how the adapter may be attached.) Each floor and table lamp also comes with a Cir-Kit plug for optional use. All lamps feature 24" long wire with a larger plug attached for those wishing to use a power strip. Considering the tiny size of the lamps; it would seem unlikely that the bulbs could be replaced. However, such is not the case; all bulbs are replaceable. A proprietary Cir-Kit Concepts design feature uses the shades to hold the bulb in place. Once the shade is removed, the bulb may be replaced.

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