Greenacres House Kit, milled MDF

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 The Farmhouse Series from Real Good Toys' New Concept Line are a variety of traditional American style.

From the Real Good Toys "New Concept Line". As with all New Concept dollhouses, it has moveable partitions so you can create a custom floor plan. It comes with pre-assembled Houseworks miniature windows and working miniature doors. You can even upgrade this dollhouse with shutters or working windows. Most New Concept doll houses now come in Milled MDF or Milled Plywood versions, which means that the clapboard siding comes pre-milled into the exterior surfaces of all of the outside walls of the dollhouse. No more glueing on of siding!

These kits come complete to finish the dollhouses as shown in each picture (excluding landscape, shutters, glue & paint). They all come with miniature shingles, pre-cut trims, posts and rails, interior stairs, gingerbread, chimneys, steps, and instructions. Even all necessary mitre cuts have been made. No cutting (except roof shingles) just assemble, glue and paint.

The Real Good Toys New Concept miniature dollhouses also have been grooved to make assembly easier. You can also Mix-and-Match. Let's say that you like a particular doll house that you see in one picture, but you want dormers with it, or a different porch, or a different room extension, or different miniature windows. Just tell us what you want and we will tell you how much it will cost. There is no extra charge for this service. Because these doll houses are packed in component packs, the factory can customize the packs to put together your Dream Doll House. You only pay for what you get. And, with Mott's Online Dollhouse Discounts, you pay less for it when you buy from Mott’s! All of the dollhouses we sell can be assembled and finished to taste and shipped anywhere. See link below for details.

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Interior View


Model # RGT1700
Wall Finish: MM
32"W x 23"D x 32"H
1"=1' scale
12 rooms

Classic Features Include:

  • Complete Kit includes everything you need to finish as shown*
  • Precision Workmanship - engineered parts pre-cut to really work**
  • Sturdy Construction features 3/8" thick exterior walls and grooved sidewalls for easy, one-step assembly, guaranteed fit and durability
  • 3/8" thick upper floors
  • Partial Front-Opening Access
  • Durable gingerbread trim is 1/8" thick
  • Movable room dividers accept standard doors
  • Shutters not included (but are available to purchase separately)
  • New Concept Collection Staircase...un-compromised detail is standard equipment
  • Circular Staircase Upgrade can be custom ordered for any "New Concept" Collection dollhouse
  • Wooden shingles for the roof
  • Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings
  • 9 7/16" Floor to ceiling height
  • Additions and/or porches also available separately
  • Kit includes P202 19" Gingerbread Porch.
  • Smooth Plywood kits do not include shingles.

Information about Free Dollhouse Shipping

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