Exerpts from Nutshell News show how to get the effects you want using today's materials. Tips include assembly sequence, electrification, stair assembly and interior finishing, construction, wall surfacing, trimming, painting, roofing, landscaping, tools, plans.

In earlier times dolls' houses were amusements for wealthy adults, and only since the late nineteenth century did they become largely regarded as toys for little girls. In recent years the dollhouse hobby has gained recognition as wonderful recreation for people of all ages and both sexes. A large variety of products and economical kits have made the hobby available and affordable for almost anyone. Stores specializing in dollhouses and related miniatures can be found in cities throughout the United States and the world, and many of these stores service other localities with mail order catalogs. The degree to which this hobby has matured comes as a surprise to persons newly introduced to the enjoyment of dollhouses and other miniature places and spaces. The oportunity for producing authentic realism in these miniatures is a reflection of that maturity and a fundmental reason for producing this handbook. The sharing of information on these pages should help make the hobby more fully enjoyed by a fast growing number of enthusiasts, young and old.

This fourth edition adds new photographs and illustrations to draw attention to the variety of treatments that can give individuality to every miniature exterior or interior. The purpose of a handbook is to provide general information so that the user can apply universal principles to specific requirements. Enthusiastic reader comments have confirmed the usefulness of this approach and the unique value of this handbook for all types of dollhouses and similar miniatures.

The illustrations shown are from houses and structures designed and built by the author unless otherwise noted. Most of the interiors shown are by Carolyn Stephenson.

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