Half Scale Building Components

Painted Lady Rail 1/2 Scale - Dollhouse Miniature. By Laser Tech Miniatures.

Nonworking French Window With Fan Light Pediment, Sill, Acrylic, And Interior Trim. Size: 1 15/16"W X 3 5/8"H X 3/8"D. Fits Opening: 1 9/16"W X 3 7/16" H X 5/16"D.

Plain Brass Doorknob 12pcs. 1/2-Scale - Dollhouse Miniature. By Houseworks.

Dollhouse miniature wood porch railing. 2 sets per package. Size: 7/32"W x 3/16"H x 12"L. Half inch scale. By Houseworks Miniatures.

PORCH SPINDLES 12pcs. 1/2SCALE, 12 Pcs. Per Pkg. Size: 3/32"W X 15/16"H

Cedar. 400 Pcs. Per Pkg. Covers Approx. 76 Sq. Inches. Shingle Size: 3/8"W X 5/8"H X 1/32"D.

Stair Spindles 12pcs. 1/2 Scale , Dollhouse Miniature, 12 Pcs. Per Pkg. Size: 3/32" W X 15/16" H

Exterior Door With Four Raised Panels And Four Section Transom. Size: 1 11/16"W X 3 7/8"H X 3/8"D. Fits Opening: 19/16"W X 313/16"H X 5/16"D. Interior Trim Not Included. Half scale.

Riser/Stringer Assembly. 13 Treads, 13 Balusters, 2 Newel Posts, 1 Handrail. Adjustable To Varying Ceiling Heights. Size: 5" Ceiling Height.

Used Brick Latex Sheet 1/2 SCALE, Dollhouse Miniature --Special Order. The rubber-like composition of this 11" x 17" sheet makes it easy to apply--and with no wrinkles or gaps. Simply cut with scissors and adhere with glue. Can be painted with acrylics. One sheet per pkg. 1/2" scale.


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