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Pizza fresh from the oven on pizza pan with a slice cut out out.  One inch scale.

Used in only the finest homes of eastern Europe, our Samovar is for serving hot water to create a special tea called Zavarka. Reutter Porzellan dollhouse scale miniatures are attractively packaged and a welcome addition to any miniature scene or setting. Quality made in Germany. This is a scale miniature & not intended for children under 14 years of age.

Scale: 1"

Product Dimensions; 2"L x 1½"W x 2"H

Dollhouse miniature food pork pies and radishes on platter. One inch scale. By Falcon Miniatures.

Dollhouse miniature food, plate of ravioli with garlic bread.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature food Roast Chicken Dinner on Plate. One inch scale. by Small Wonders.

Roast Chicken Dinner on Platter, Dollhouse Miniature.  One inch scale. By Town Square Miniatures. Size: 1"H x 1"W x 1.5"D

Dollhouse miniature roast ham on round tray.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature food Rolled Roast with Parsnips on serving platter.  One inch scale.


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