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Bag of Assorted Beach Toys - Dollhouse Miniature. One inch scale. By Multi Minis.

Dollhouse miniature baseball and wood base ball bat. One inch scale. Bat measures: 2½"L.

Baseball Cards Set, 8pcs

US$3.25 US$2.50

Set of 8 dollhouse miniature sporting accessory baseball cards.  One inch scale.  By Jacquelines Miniatures.

Baseball bat, and glove with ball in it. Bat: 2½"L. Glove: ¾" x ¾"

Dollhouse miniature Basketball Hoop and Backboard on Stand. One inch scale.

Size: 10.5"H x 4"W x 3.75"D

Binoculars Dollhouse Miniature Camping and Outdoor Accessory.  One inch scale. By Town Square Miniatures.

Binoculars, Black, Metal - Dollhouse Miniature Sporting Goods. One inch scale. By Multi-Minis.

Blue Bowling Bag with Ball and Pin - Dollhouse Miniature sporting goods. One inch scale. By International Miniatures.

Bag Size: 1 1/2"H x 1"W


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