Heidi Ott Female Doll House Dolls, Switzerland

Chippendale Dining Room Set, in Walnut finished wood, 6pc, Dollhouse Miniature furniture.

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature cast resin Jared school boy doll figure. 3-3/8"H One inch scale. By Artisan Flair, closeout.

Dollhouse miniature Victorian Lady in Blue/Grey Stripe Dress/Hat w/Auburn Hair, Heid Ott, Switzerland. One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature lady doll in gingham dress and bonnett.  5½"H, jointed.  By Heidi Ott. (MCHOX028). By Heid Ott, Switzerland.

Dollhouse miniature resin Leslie doll, by Houseworks.

Leslie can stand or lie down. Hand painted resin doll is non-posable and has no removable pieces. 

1 1/4"W x 2 1/4"H 

Scale: 1/12 

Dollhouse miniature un-dressed woman. Jointed. 5½"H  One inch scale. By Heidi Ott Miniatures, Switzerland. Last one, no longer available.

Dollhouse miniature doll wig set with assorted accessories, by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.  One inch scale. 

Dollhouse miniature furniture Wire Garden Arbor w/Cushion, by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Scale: 1"



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