Cottage Industries

Dolhouse miniature Alaska Travel magazines set.  One inch scale. By Town Square Miniatures

Dollhouse miniature accessory, Bridge Pad with Pencil.

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature accessory umbrella, brown. One inch scale. 3"L.

Dollhouse miniature furniture, Oak budget kitchen side chair. Wood furniture. One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature plate of Christmas cookies and note from Santa.

Dolhouse miniature set of craft magazines.  One inch scale.

Floor Mop with Red Tin Bucket Set - Dollhouse Miniature Accessories. One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature Christmas gift tags set. One inch scale. By Cottage Miniatures.

Dollhouse miniature hand made straw broom. One inch scale. By Cottage Industries Miniatures.

Dollhouse accounting set Income Tax Form, Pencil & Tax Book. One inch scale.


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