Wedding and Valentines

Miniature dollhouse filled bridal trunk by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Bridesmaid Shoes - Dollhouse Miniature clothes. One inch scale. By Multi Minis.

Bridesmaid Boquet - Dollhouse Miniature wedding accessory. One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature clothing PINK SATIN STRAIGHT DRESS on mannequin.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature wedding hat box.  One inch scale.

Jewelry Bust with Necklaces by Reutter Porzellan - Dollhouse Miniature. Necklaces are not removable. Designs and colors may vary slightly.

1"W x 1 3/8"H x 5/8"D

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature filled Easter basket with chocolate bunny. One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature filled ladies gift bag. One inch scale.

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