Alcoholic Beverages

Dollhouse miniature vodka bottle.  Scale: 1" By Farrow Miniatures.

St. Petersburg vodka, Dollhouse Miniature Drink. One inch scale. By Farrow Miniatures.

Dollhouse miniature alcohol accessory Top Shelf Liquor Set by Reutter Porzellan, Germany. Scale: 1"

Glass dish of caviar on silver tray with two drinks and caviar covered crackers. Dollhouse miniature food. One inch scale.

Wedding Wine Set - Size: Bag-approx. 1"H x 5/16"W x 3/16"D Bottle-1"H x 1/4"W A bottle of Rose with a Congratulations label and the elegant silver bag is perfect for celebrating Bride and Groom.

Whiskey Serving Set, Dollhouse Miniature accessory, by Reutter Porzellan, Germany

Scale: 1"

Whiskey Sour Cocktail - Dollhouse Miniature drink. One inch scale.

Fresh Orange Breakfast Set by Reutter Porzellan, Dollhouse Miniature food.

One inch scale.

Product Dimensions; 1¾"L x 1½"W x 2"H

Dollhouse miniature wine decanter set with glasses. One inch scale. By Reutter Porzellan, Germany.


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