Packaged Food

Dollhouse miniature food cans. 12pc. Farmer Dan FRUITS OR VEGETABLES-ASSORTED - Special Order

Butter Box 1lb - Dollhouse Miniature. Assorted. Hand made, may vary. One inch scale.

Box: 1/2"W x 1/4"H

Dollhouse Miniature kitchen accessory food, White Flour 5lb. Bag and measuring cup. One inch scale. By farrow Miniatures. (FR40167)

Dollhouse baking set.  Eggs, Milk, and Butter Set, Dollhouse Miniature Food

Fancy Pastries on Tray - Dollhouse Miniature food.  One inch scale. By Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Dollhouse miniature food foil wrapped chocolate candy bars.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature empty Frozen Lasagne Packge. One inch scale. By Farrow Miniatures.

Large Cider Vinegar Bottle Dollhouse Miniature Food. One inch scale. Assorted.

Dollhouse miniature kitchen food accessory jar of peanut butter, assorted.  One inch scale.

Grandpa Oats Box - Dollhouse Miniature. One inch scale. By Farrow Miniatures. Assorted.


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