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Dollhouse miniature Teapot Collection set, by Reutter Porzellan, Germany. One inch scale. 3pcs.

Dollhouse miniature apple pie in making set, on cuttimg board with flour and rolling pin.

Broken Egg w/Shell - Dollhouse Miniature Food. Onoe inch scale. By Multi Minis (SMW282).

Dollhouse Snacks Cheese and Veggies in Making by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature baking set with cookies on cookies sheet, bowl of cookie dough and basket of baked cookies. By Falcon Miniatures.

Measures: Cookie Sheet with permanently affixed cookies: 1 1/2 in wide x 7/8 in wide Basket of cookies - 3/4 in wide x 3/8 in tall Bowl - 3/4 in wide x 1/4 in tall.

Dollhouse Miniature Canning and Preserve Set of 5.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature, Eggs In Bowl with Shell, assorted. One inch scale. ¾"D x ¾"H. Hand made, may vary.

Size: 5/8”D x 9/16”H

Fish Dinner in Making by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Scale: 1"


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