Food Being Prepared

Ravioli Dinner in Making by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Scale: 1"

Make your own turkey and stuffing. Dollhouse miniature food raw turkey on cutting board.  By Small Wonders.

Scale: 1"

Rooster Design Kitchen Accessory Set, by Reutter Porzellan, Germany.

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature salad makings set on cutting board. 2"L x 1¼"W. One inch scale.

Salmon w/Slice on Board - Dollhouse Miniature food. One inch scale. By Small Wonders Miniatures.

Dollhouse miniature sandwich making set. This dollhouse miniature food set includes cold cuts and cheese platter with fork, jar of sandwich spread, sliced bread and onion on cutting board, plate of lettuce and sliced tomatoes, and a plate with sandwiches in progress. Miniature plates are white ceramic.

Cheese platter: 1 1/2"Dia.
Plate: 1"Dia.
Tomatoes Plate: 3/4"Dia.
Cutting board: 1 1/2"W

Scale: 1"

Dollhouse miniature food sliced roast duck on cutting board.  One inch scale. By Falcon Miniatuers.


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