Dog Accessories

Dollhouse miniature dog biscuits and box.  Assorted.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature Dog Bed, Large, Paw Print With Burlap Fabric. One inch scale. 1-7/8"W x 1-1/8"D x 1/2"H. 

Dollhouse miniature pet accessories leash with dog collars.  One inch scale. By Multi Minis. Assorted colors.

Dog Dish w/Biscuits & Box of Milk Bones - Miniature Dollhouse. One inch scale. By Small Wonders.

Dollhouse miniature dog food set with bag and bowl.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature dog food bag. One inch scale. 1-3/8"H x 7/8"W

Dollhouse miniature wood dog house, white with black roof. One inch scale. By Town Square Miniatures.

Dollhouse miniature pet accessory, dog leash with collar, assorted color.  One inch scale.

Dollhouse miniature metal dog cage.  One inch scale. Galvanized metal. Door opens, tray slides out. 2 1/2"W x 3 1/4"H x 4"D.

Dollhouse miniatures set of two yellow pet food dishes by Falcon Miniatures. One inch scale. Each bowl measures 5/8 in wide x 3/8 in tall.


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