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How to Place an Order

Online Shopping

Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart     

While shopping on our web site, an electronic shopping cart will keep track of the items you want to buy.

Step 1:  Add Product(s) To Basket
Click on any "Add Product(s) To Basket" button.  The shopping cart will display the Quantity, Title and Price of the products you have selected.

Step 2:  Keep Shopping or   Checkout
To continue shopping click on "Keep Shopping." When you're done shopping, click on "Checkout."

While you are browsing, you may also view your shopping cart by clicking on the "Cart" button that appears on every page.


Completing Your Order

Step 1: Log In and Select   Checkout
New visitors can create an account, and returning shoppers can go straight to checkout! If you would like to create an account, click on the "checkout" button and fill in the billing address information. For registered customers, simply enter your account name and your password. When you have the page filled in click on the "Continue" button.

Step 2: Shipping Address
This page will only appear if you indicated in step 1 that the shipping address was different than the billing address.  When done, click on the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Payment Information and Shipping Method
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  Select your shipping method.
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  Select one of four credit-card payment options: Visa, MasterCard,
   Discover and American Express.  (If paying by check or if you have a gift certificate or coupon, print the page and then press the "Cancel" button.

Step 4: Message
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  If you have a message for the Mott's Miniatures enter it in the "message"
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  If you have purchased a Gift Card and want to include a short personal
   message on the card, enter it in the "message" box.
Now click the "Continue" button.

Step 5: Credit Card Number
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  Enter in all the digits of your credit card number, and the month and year
   of the expiration date. (If you want to fax or mail in this order, print out
   the screen and then click the "Cancel" button).
dot2.gif (45 bytes)  Then just click on the "Continue" button.

The last page that is displayed is the confirmation of your order.  The actual invoice will be mailed to you along with your merchandise.

phone.jpg (3424 bytes)

    You can call in an order for delivery via UPS paid for with your credit card to us.  Be sure to print out an order form, write down your entire order, and have your credit card ready before calling. Sorry, no checks or coupons on any phone order. Do NOT call to place you order unless you have completed your order form first, including item numbers for all items.  We can not take an order for items without item numbers.
     You can also use our toll free number for PLACING NEW CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY!!!!   1-800-874-6222.  Sorry, no questions or customer service is available at this number.   Customer Service can be reached only by Email.  The Sales Department can be reached for questions about products you want to by by email (preferred) or at (562) 287-4744 Sales Inquiries Only.  Sorry, no order service via telephone.

   Remember, our store is in California.  General hours are 10am to 6pm daily Pacific Time.

fax.jpg (3479 bytes)

   Use our print-out order form and mail it to us.

letter.jpg (2166 bytes)

     You must use a printed form and mail it in if you are paying by check, if you wish to redeem any coupons or gift certificates, or are requesting delivery via the U.S. Post Office.  Use our print-out order form and mail it to:
  Mott's Miniatures Inc.
  P.O. Box 693
  Placentia, CA 92871-0693

     crdtcrds.gif (3816 bytes)

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