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Dollhouse Building Tips   

A free brochure provided by the Mott's MiniaturesTM On-Line Service.  

       You have bought your dollhouse and will soon be assembling it. These tips will help you get through some of it a little easier. These tips are in no way meant to be used as short-cuts, always read the instructions that come with your house.  If you have not yet purchased your house, be sure to read our Buying Tips section.
Doll House Building Tips -  This page is a great resource for the beginner.
How Much Will I Need?   -  Get suggestions on how much you will need of various supplies like paint, glue, wallpaper and more.
Which Doll House Should I Pick?  -  If you have not yet selected a doll house, this page will provide you with detailed information that should help you in your selection.   Remember, we have hundreds of houses to choose from.
Doll House Wiring Introduction  -   A simple intro into doll house wiring systems and components.
Doll House Wiring Tips   -  Helpful tips on installing doll house wiring plus suggestions on what to buy.

We strongly recommend that you come down to Motts and take a look at what is available. We are sure that you can find a dollhouse kit that is right for you.  If you want, you can also visit our On-Line Mail Order Catalog.


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