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Victorian Dollhouse - Get the style and grace at mottsminis

Victorian Dollhouse that represents the grace and traditions of the great English culture in its craft and architectural designs you will get at mottsminis on most reasonable prices, hard to get any other place.

Victorian dollhouse that defines architecture of 17 century England also known as baby houses give details of wealthy family homes of that era. The earliest Victorian dollhouse was made in Germany and Holland by ladies as part of their fashion and design courses.

With the advent of 18th century a new tradition of cabinet Victorian doll house emerged. Till the end of Victorian period doll house became immensely popular among kids. One of the fine examples of Victorian doll house is Queen Mary dolls house that is on permanent display at Windsor Castle.

For the first time the Victorian Doll house with Victorian style start building in 1830 imitated from Rococo style widely used in furniture and porcelain design. You will find prominent features of Rococo style full of lightness, delicacy and elaborate ornamentation.

The Victorian style was extremely eclectic and every room in a Victorian dollhouse can be decorated in a different style. This is great for dolls houses because many different colors, furniture and decorative items can be put together in a house letting you run wild with your creativity. While the dining room may be Elizabethan, the halls may be gothic and the living room Queen Anne.

The Customized Hawthorne House is one of the fabulous Victorian doll house that you will get at mottsminis. This is the only remaining house that is completely finished and furnished inside and out on our shelves, and the only finished model we have that is electrified!

The Victorian Series from Real Good Toys' New Concept Line are a variety of Second Empire style. As with, all New Concept houses, it is made with cabinet grade 5-ply plywood. It has Housework windows and working doors. This house is completely finished inside and out, electrified, wallpaper, carpet, tile floor, and more. It has also been customized with additional windows and doors.

The Second Empire in France inspired a highly decorative, sometimes garnish style in architecture. Americans took traditional components and combined them with the "contemporary" Mansard style to create what many people today consider the archetypical Victorian. The 3200 series is an effective melding of the elements of American architecture extant in the 1870's.

Princess Anne Victorian doll house is another one of the magnificent doll houses piece you will get at mottsminis on most reasonable rates. The Princess Anne has 6 rooms. This house is beautifully finished as shown. Unique Victorian cedar shingle style you will found in its embroidery and art work. It has upgraded porch posts and railings, Victorian hooded windows, working door.

To view the full range of Victorian Doll house we provide you free catalogue online or you can e-mail us to get further information.

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